Seymour Farewell Announcment

COVID-19 Shipping Update

 We have been informed by a number of our customers that packages (primarily shipped to US destinations) have taken significantly longer to arrive than expected with 'Canada Post' in the past couple weeks. What should be taking 2-7 days took 2-5 weeks.

We are hoping this will improve over the coming weeks. 

Still, we understand your frustration, and are listening to your feedback. We have been working over the past week to integrate alternative shipping carriers to get your packages to you sooner.

Your checkout experience now provides shipping options with

  • Canada Post
  • FedEx
  • UPS

Canada Post is typically the most affordable, and offers tracking for all parcels within Canada. However for destinations outside of Canada, you must choose the "Tracked Packet" option if you want a tracking number issued. 

FedEx and UPS both provide faster shipping options, and tracking numbers are issued for all packages. 

Be aware that NO carrier is offering guaranteed shipping times due to COVID-19, so your parcel may still arrive later than estimated. We encourage our customers outside of Canada to purchase shipping with a tracking number. If you purchase shipping without tracking, we are unable to file a claim for lost packages, or packages with excessive delays. 

As always, we will work on our end to package your shipments within 24-48 hours to help expedite the process.

If you have any further feedback or suggestions, please reach out on Instagram (@SeymourLeatherCo), or via e-mail (